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Loving God and Loving our Neighbors


Rabun Gap Presbyterian is agency partner of the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia (Athens / Clayton)

We have hosted a monthly "Mobil Pantry" distributions since 2005, and have been chosen as "Mobile Pantry of the year" multiple times, most recently for 2019!

You can be a part of our food ministry - Every third Saturday of the month except November and December (2nd Saturdays due to holidays).

We now distribute over 40,000 pounds of food each month to our neighbors in need!

Get involved! Become a volunteer and help!

Support Financially or sponsor a month! $800 provides 40,000 lbs of food to our neighbors in need.

Get included! Come and let us help  your family with food!

COVID19 Special Guidelines for March 21, 2020  Food Distribution to protect recipients and volunteer

Precautions Due to COVID19

To be in place and observed for - March 21, 2020 / RGPC Food Distribution

Safety and Security Procedures


Rabun County Sheriffs Deputies will be stationed at road and in the back of church where volunteers and recipients are to assure calm and safety for everyone. Blue lights will be on for awareness and safety.


  • All volunteers are volunteering at their own risk, helping our neighbors in need!

  • No volunteers over the age of 60 or under the age of 18!

  • No volunteers with underlying health condition.

  • No volunteers who are pregnant or have young children at home.

  • No one with a fever or cough may volunteer.

  • Please practice “Social Distancing” - remain at least 6 feet away from others.

  • There will be no grits brigade – no coffee, no water, grits, or food cooked will be served today to volunteers or recipients.

  • Buggies will be sanitized before and after distribution with Lysol or other similar product.

  • Volunteers – Required Gloves and Mask on all volunteers sorting, bagging, or putting into or pushing carts. We believe we will have enough gloves and masks for up to 40 volunteers

  • Loaders – limited to those with protective suit, googles, mask, gloves, and will only load into trunk or truck beds – NO LOADS WILL BE PLACED INSIDE OF VEHICLES! We have masks, protective coveralls with hoods and feet covers, masks, and double gloves for loaders.

  • Recommend all volunteers wash and use “Purell” before leaving or returning home. Once home recommend removing clothing and washing with disinfecting wash, and all people to shower immediately upon returning home, to minimize any risk of exposure to household.


  • There will be no required paperwork for this distribution to eliminate person to person contact.

  • Only 1 load per vehicle - you can pick up for anyone in need, another person can pick up for you but only one load per vehicle.

  • Food will only be loaded into trunk of cars or truck beds. Again, for safety of both recipients we cannot load food into cars or SUVs due to confined space and to protect both you the recipient and our volunteers working today.

  • Spread the word! We want to help all in need and provide items that will help everyone in Rabun have food available for themselves and their families, to help through this global and national health emergency due to COVID19.

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